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Designers and Manufactures of Foundry Plant, Foundry Machinery and Foundry Equipment

Sand Reclamation Plants (Mechanical)

Richards Engineering Manufacture offers several types of sand attrition units for the mechanical reclamation of foundry chemically bonded foundry sand. Each type is specific to the customers requirement of throughput, foundry layout, production processes and the degree of automation required. Our experienced application engineers can advise on appropriate plant configurations to meet your sand reclamation requirements. Mechanical sand reclamation can also be supplemented with Thermal sand reclamation so please visit this associated web page. Richards have over 600 installations worldwide.

HD Vibra-Class Low feed level, high level discharge Shakeout attrition units

The Richards Vibra-Class provides a complete chemically bonded sand reclamation system combining simple mechanical attrition of sand lumps to grain size, with screening and classification. All in one single compact economical unit, when sand cooling is not required. The unit is able to accept sand in large lumps without suffering damage. A large holding capacity is provided to ensure optimum output Unit sizes are 3,5 and 10 tons/hr

LHD Attrition units Low feed level, high level discharge Shakeout attrition units

Developed from the “original” low level Vibra-Climb attrition unit, the LHD reclaimer is ideally suited for the medium sized mechanized moulding operation whereby moulds can be fed straight onto the integral shakeout deck. sand is discharged at a high level into a separate fluid bed sand classifier, so that no pit work is required. Unit sizes of 3, 6 and 9 tons/hr

HD Vibrader Attrition units Low feed level, high level discharge Shakeout attrition units

The Richards Vibrader provides an economical means of reducing Knocked-out chemically bonded sand to grain size, this being the first stage of any sand reclamation process. Breakdown is achieved by means of simple mechanical vibratory attrition. The unit is able to accept very hot incoming lump sand up to 400’C reducing it to grain size and discharging it into a cooler classifier or sand conveying system for further processing. Unit sizes 3,5,10,15 & 20 tons/Hr

The Richards High Speed Pivotal Mixer

The Richards high speed mixer range has been designed to embrace the exacting parameters of modern mixed sand requirements. Engineered and constructed to the highest standards the PM & AM range of mixers incorporate many advanced features to ensure reliability and accurate mixing.

Outstanding Features

Rugged construction utilizing reinforced thick gauge trough sections. High quality manufacture and component selection for durability. The resin delivery is controlled by variable speed AC. pump/motor drive units. Digital readout of the pump parameters and programmable resin menu options are standard features.

Excellent Access

The “Pea Pod” opening of the trough section provides for ease of access for the operative when routine cleaning is necessary. Richards Continuous mixers are available as single arm pivotal ( model range PM 3,5,10 &20) or Articulated (model AM10,20,40). Power slewing is available on the larger models.

Mobile Articulated Mixers

A full range of mobile articulated mixers are available for the larger foundry applications

Casting Decore, Runner, Riser, Feeder, Gate Removal, & Casting Cleaning Systems

Richards Heavy Duty Snagging Grinder

The Grinding wheel face remains in a constant position providing maximum maneuverability for grinding castings, throughout the wheel life, The constant peripheral wheel speed feature ensures effective metal removal rates even at small wheel diameters. (within 38 mm of the flanges)

A 22 kW motor (30 hp.) provides exceptional metal removal rates, with the 30” wheel. Surface wheel speeds of 48, 60, & 63 M/s are dependant upon application This Rugged, Reliable and Proven m/c is accepted as standard by which others are judged. Pressure aids & Pneumatic rise & fall tables are optional.

Richards FlashLite Grinder

This lighter duty constant peripheral wheel speed grinder is suitable for light pad & flash removal. The 24” x 8” x 2” wheel is capable of being used up to 80% of the abrasive

A 5.5 kW motor (7.5 hp.) provides good metal removal rates, with hand pressure only. The Surface wheel speeds is 48 M/s. This Reliable and Proven m/c is slim & space saving, quickly installed. and effective in operation.

Fox 300 Series Stand Grinders (Wheel & Belt)

The versatile Fox 300 Series Stand Grinders can be customized to suit your individual grinding need. Over 30 combinations of grinding wheels, cutting-slotting wheels and abrasive belts provide an outstanding machine for your grinding requirements. The F ox 300 Series are ideal for non-ferrous and ferrous foundries, fabricating and pipe/tubing workshops. Available in 14,16,18 and 20” Dia wheels.

Fox 400 Series Stand Grinder

The Fox 400 Series Grinders are available as single speed, Single end/Double end machines, and are easily adaptable for combination grinder/cut-off machines. There is 27” between the wheels on double ended machines. The spindles accept 20” x 1” to 2” x 8” or 10” wheels and 20” x 38” max 1” slotting wheels

Fox 423 Series Stub Wheel Stand Grinders

The Fox 423 Series of Grinders are designed to use stub wheels from standard 30 floor grinders. A 23” stub can be used down to 16” on this machine. This provides a saving of approximately 43% of the wheel.

Manual High Speed Swing Frame Grinders

Model 18-95A Cup Wheel Swing Frame Grinder.

The Fox Cup wheel grinder is lightweight for high maneuverability. Available in 8” Dia. They are excellent for cleaning up welded seams and parting lines as well as general cleanup. In most instances this machine will do the work of three portable cup wheel grinders especially on flat surfaces

Model CG Heavy duty Swing Bolter Grinder

The Fox high speed swing bolter grinder is a heavy duty multi-use grinder with adjustable and full lateral and angular movement, commonly used in Foundries and steel mills. The medium and small sizes can be tilted through 90’. 10” -24” wheel specifications are available.

Model 1090-125 Swing Frame Grinder

With the Wheel turned through 90’ from the standard swing grinder orientation, the operator has much better visibility of the working area. The machine can be rotated for grinding on either side of the casting. Available in 12” & 18” wheel sizes.

Model 12 BGS Swing Frame Vertical Belt Grinder

This machine has a unique removable idler arm for internal grinding & rapid metal removal in small or internal areas (1” belt width). Removal of this arm the machine can be converted quickly to a swing frame belt grinder fitted with a 3” belt. An extremely versatile machine.

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