Projects under Richards

Hospitality and entertainment companies consider Richards to be the perfect solution for casino buildings or live entertainment. Staggered structures can be built in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional casino development projects. Inside open spaces with a black interior membrane, there is a high ceiling height, it is ideal for leisure and thematic spaces and offers space on almost all floors. Suspended gaming and casino spaces can also be fitted with special graphics for a visually pleasing brand image and clear displays.

5 good reasons to choose Richards

Immediate inventory delivery - completion of gaming and casino construction projects in a much shorter time than traditional construction methods.

Wow Factor: creates excitement by discovering an elegant, innovative and interesting jumping or casino structure as unique symbols of the community.

Superior Power Isolation System - Achieve exceptional performance and reduce energy and operating costs with a waterproof jumper cover and a fully raised fiber optic isolation system.

Optional black interior film - Hides surveillance cameras and personal themes - The black interior is also ideal for stage performances, concerts and entertainment.

Rental with Purchase Options - Increase Savings with Richards Convenient Home Rental Program.

Examples occur in the workplace

  • casino
  • Bingo hall
  • Portes Cocheres
  • Boxing arena
  • Racino
  • Special events centre
  • Convenience services
  • Entertainment services
  • Reception
  • Food services
  • Restaurant and lobby
  • Poker room
  • Private and administrative areas
  • Other casino buildings

Many in the gaming industry, including hotel managers and casino operators, know the benefits of jumping opportunities. The suspended building will be used as the gaming and casino structure for the Buffington Harbor Riverboat Casino in Indiana, the Fire Rock Casino in New Mexico, the River Rock Casino in California, the Mill Bay Casino and the Point Casino in the State of Washington. of Meadows Racecourse and Casino in Pennsylvania.

The hanging structure also features a casino design, an energy efficient plumbing system, an 8 foot Jump Shield rigid wall system and quick build time for quick opening. Contact your jump representative for more information on casino and gaming development projects.

Richard design project

Fire Rock Casino

Length 36.5 mx 91 m (120 ‘width x 300’)

90 ‘x 105’ long (27.4 x 32 m)

After years of reflection and analysis of all kinds, the largest Indian country in the world has decided to build the jump structure for its first casino. With competitive bids and tenders, Richards was selected as the main supplier to the construction industry based on its experience, speed of assembly, technical resources and project rental options. Richards designs, manufactures and delivers 46,000 square meters in collaboration with JCJ AIA and Sicon Construction Management to respond to clients’ aggressive construction plans.

The 46,000 square meter jump building opened in just four months and has a modern and beautiful appearance with breathtaking views of the church cliffs and surrounding mountains. The country has also taken exceptional graphics with native originals around the building. Panoramic windows with windows offer mountain views in the casino’s gourmet restaurant.

This property offers bingo, restaurants, entertainment, poker / cards and 422 slot machines. On the outskirts of Gallup, New Mexico, 200 slot machines have been added and revenue forecasts have doubled, said CEO Bob Winters. It is a first-class gaming device that is truly sophisticated.

River Rock Casino

The River Rock Casino is 15 minutes near Santa Rosa, which is in California, the beautiful wine region of Alexander Valley. It is the closest and most easily accessible gaming site for residents of the region. San Francisco Bay.

In the design phase, River Rock Casino is looking for permanent structures that can deliver immediate results and immediate benefits in a short period of time. Space and flexibility are important factors. River Rock Casino has taken a leap in the development of cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions with enough indoor space for on-demand casino gaming applications.

The 70,000 square foot jump complex features elegant decor reflected in the beauty of nature and a wide selection of games offering more than 1,600 game programs and 16 board games. Johns Manville added that it provides a comfortable climate, while depressing and energy efficient membrane technology provides an airtight system.

The modular structure of the Richards can be mounted on many different surfaces and meets building codes for different applications such as dining rooms, entertainment areas and other filming areas. The River Rock Casino also offers beautiful views of the Alexander Valley, which is breath-taking from the Valley Bridge.

Mill Bay Casino

While Colville tribal casinos in Manson, Washington were looking for gaming and entertainment complexes, Colville tribal casinos tried to implement unusual gaming operations that could provide long-term solutions and affordable. While there are many different building options on the market, Colville Tribal Casino doesn’t find anything as unique as jumping.

The Mill Bay Casino is located in scenic north Washington, overlooking Lake Chelan, the wine and cottage district of Seattle. It is a sophisticated game and entertainment centre, just a short drive from the lake shore.

The personalized decor is mounted on a flexible skylight structure and offers space for more than 300 slot machines, a variety of table games, a restaurant with chair and a full service bar.

The optimized process of an optimized game system means it is fully functional in a significantly shorter time than most other building types, while the R-30 has a higher level of energy efficiency than the models conventional. means reduced operating costs. With dark movies, high ceilings and a variety of images outside the structure, Richards can create the perfect environment for Colville Tribal casino application that exceeds expectations.